Catching up and all that jazz

Written on September 23, 2010 at 7:58 pm
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Wow, I don’t blog often at all. Some new things that have happened since my last blog entry…

About the bugs…
I bought a butterfly net at an educational toy shop for my entomology class (choice between writing a lab final or doing an insect collection? I know what I’m going for!). There’s a bunch of frozen insects in my freezer right now, I just got the pins today. I also had my first official entomology lab today and it went fantastic. They have some amazing models for teaching all of the specialized mouth parts of insets and it’s pretty awesome.

About the study group…
Oh dear… I joined a study group for ecology. Mostly because ecology is majorly kicking a lot of peoples’ butts at the moment (last year, the midterm average was below 50% and had to be very scaled in order to get a 60% average). So I joined a study group – there’s 7 other people and we’re all pretty worried about ecology (hence the study group being formed) – so it’s pretty awesome, like-minded people who all offer a different perspective on the material. The nice thing about the ecology is that it’s mainly open-ended questions for the midterm and final – meaning as long as we can logically justify our answers, it’s okay. I think. I don’t know, ecology is a major pain right now. I mean, the material is fascinating (not as interesting as entomology though!) but it’s definitely a course that requires higher concept thinking than any other course that I’ve taken so far at the university level.

About the new appreciation for Timmy’s…
So I really only have one day a week that’s long right now (Wednesdays will be even longer, just three times a semester) and that’s Thursdays because I have early morning classes followed by a break, then another class, then a break and then a lab before I go home. So I now have a new appreciation for the only close place that serves food to those buildings where I have my lecture and lab in (besides a certain coffee shop that I loathe). Even though they serve coffee at Timmy’s, I must say that their sandwiches are delicious and their breakfast foods? Wonderful. Especially when I’m eating breakfast at 9:30 even though I’d been up since 6am. They have this lovely breakfast bagel sandwich, it’s bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato (with cheese!) and I had it on the cheese bagel. Delicious. And now, I am hungry.

What’s been new with you?

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  1. Caity says:

    Wow I think it would be pretty hard for me to get a bug collection since I hate bugs, haha! I’d end up doing the final most likely. I hope your bug collection turns out really well!

    Good luck with your study group. Study groups saved my butt through a lot of my school.

  2. nichole says:

    I think that a study group sounds like fun…and a nice place to eat close by sounds awesome 🙂

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