I had my first entomology lab today, it was just a little introduction where we went over how many orders there were (and sub-orders, cripes). We have an option of doing an insect collection or a lab final (no midterm). I’m definitely in the “insect collection” camp! It was pretty fun, even though it was just introductory and we didn’t actually do anything hands-on. As a group, we took a long (loooong) walk to the far end of the campus to check out awesome places to find insects (and there the the most fattest spider I had ever seen in my life on the plastic sheet after my TA had shook the tree to get some bugs – it’s body, minus the legs, was about the size of a toonie). It was absolutely disgustingly huge. There were so many bugs that came out of that tree after about a minute of shaking it – including a really pretty beetle with shiny green colouring that the TA scooped up for his own research (graduate student). Entomology is definitely one class that I’ve been enjoying so far. There’s things that I like (and dislike) from all of my other classes, but entomology has my heart right now. ♥

In other news, I’ve been playing around with plugins for blythelife.com (now mobile friendly, same with ImaginarySunshine.com!). I finished off another oceanography assignment (yay!) despite things going terribly bad with my printer (it absolutely refused to print the first 4 pages of an 8 page journal article, in pdf format – I ended up reading it on my computer, which help saves paper, but I hate reading journal articles on my computer, especially when it’s in very tiny print and all the zooming-in in the world doesn’t help and just makes everything fuzzy).

I’ve also been baking… Just cupcakes lately. I only really like making dessert, and love for frosting really helps! No photos, because I keep on eating them (or having people eat them) before I remember that oh, maybe I should take a photo. Such is life!

What have you been up to lately? What’s one thing that’s gotten you really excited recently?

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  1. Oh, you’re so lucky! I took a course called Insects and Civilization last quarter that absolutely captivated me and stole my interest. It was such a great class and it made me want to buy a tarantula, hahaha. Tarantulas are such sweet things <3 I wish my university offered an entomology course; it's a bit sad that it doesn't, because my professor for the class I took is an entomologist and an insect collector. He has a massive collection of all species of dung beetles, different walking sticks (except one that I can think of), and… cockroaches. Live ones XD

    You're going to have so much fun making your own insect collection. I'd rather buy my specimens individually instead of catching my own and, you know, sticking them with needles and stuff 😐 I had to go to a bug fair for the class (mandatory, the nerve of that professor) and I bought a beautiful owl butterfly that's hanging in my bedroom now. Next year I'm going to buy two more. I'm stuck between a luna moth, an Atlas moth (massive things, they are), or a pink-winged walking stick – I prefer to call it by its scientific name, Marmessoidea rosea. It's just prettier 😛

  2. I LOVE MAKING CUPCAKES! Especially eating the batter & the icing <3 it's the best part, haha. I wish I could decorate them really cutely, but I fail at that. So regular icing it is 😛

    It sucks that your printer wasn't working. Mine always tends to do that right before HUGE projects (like ones worth 15% of my mark) are due -_- So annoying. I usually just give up & print it at school.

    Haha, don't worry about going on! I liked hearing other peoples opinions of it :] I totally understand the 'someone did SOMETHING' as for karmic purposes, but I just don't understand why babies die when they did nothing, so even if their parents did or whatever, why do THEY have to suffer? Why make the child die, before they even have a chance to live? It just seems so unfair.

  3. I just had to install my printer in the laptop. It wouldn’t work for me for NOTHING, and david came home and BAM it did! I just hate when that happens!
    I have to write a review for two cakes/glaze that i was sent for a product review, and I hope to put some pics up in that post!
    As far as something that has really got me excited lately, i *might* get to review something that I really really have been wanting to buy but can’t afford. lol yes, i’m a dork!

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