This is my 1000th blog entry since I started on October 27th 2007. There are 199 private entries (approved people only, but anyone is welcome to register) and (now) 801 public blog entries. I may write a little too much!

In recent months, I had slowed down a lot in terms of blogging. It took a backseat to everything else that was going on my life at the time (at first it was studying for finals/writing finals, then it was working full time and working on various site projects) and now that school’s started, I also find myself a little bit more concerned with courses and studying (and reviewing physics for the first time since early 2008…) than with keeping up with my blogs. I do plan on doing somewhat regular posts – I do go on Twitter pretty regularly, which is always a nice way to keep up with people.

School’s been going alright, I only just finished my first week and I went from taking 5 classes to 4. The one I dropped was being taught by a professor that I really do like and admire (I’d taken a course taught by her before). Due to the extra time commitment needed for that course (a field/in lab assignment regarding DNA sequencing that would have required extra time right around when I have scheduled midterms for all my other classes), I decided to drop it. While I would have liked to stay, I wasn’t going to at the expense of my other classes. On the brightside, I really like the other four classes that I am taking (entomology, ecology, oceanography and animal mechanics).

Being busy means that I stopped doing a lot of the things that I love doing – like crocheting, knitting, reading for pleasure, designing new jewellery, baking (and decorating what I’ve baked) and even doing the laundry (love it, I’m weirdly domesticated, I know). I have patterns that I’m still drafting (and some that I just really need to do a few finishing touches before publishing online). I have recipes I want to try, designs I have drawn out, a stack of books that I’ve bought that I haven’t read yet. However, I know that once I get into more of a routine when it comes to school, I’ll figure out time for doing all those things (hopefully soon!).

I’m rambling a bit… Which is actually quite fitting if you consider how most of my blog entries go, teehee. This is the longest amount of time that I’ve had a blog, I believe. I’d been blogging on and off almost pretty consistently since maybe 2003? I’m not sure anymore. Regardless, it’s nice to know that I can manage to keep a site on-going for so long!

Happy 1000th post to me!

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  1. Congratulations on 1000 posts! 😀 I only moved over to WordPress just over a year ago, and there I have 223 posts or something. :3 They’re all public!

    It’s a shame you had to drop that class especially since the teacher teaching it was one you liked (for me that would definitely be incentive to continue, lol). But at least the other ones you’ve got don’t suck.

    I think it’s funny remembering that you first commented on my site back in… 2007? Or was it 2008? I don’t remember, but I had those ugly iframes.


    It was 2008. You had that sunflower layout. :3 <3

    1. The fact that I really liked the prof was a huge reason why I registered for the course to begin with. My issue was the large amount of excess work for a project that was worth ~20% that had to be worked on over a weekend (mandatory field trip) + extra lab work during the week that I have 4 midterms already for my other classes. If that hadn’t been the case, I probably would have stuck with that class. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to work it out and take the course next year. *crosses fingers*

  2. Happy 1000 posts :)I still remember the first time you visited me at my blog! Glad you’ve stuck it out with me 🙂
    That would have been difficult to go on a trip/project right at the time of other midterms,so I can def. see why you chose to drop.

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