I want sunshine!

It’s been busy in my world lately, what with a midterm (Wednesday), working on a few new patterns for Chelle-Chelle.com (and I’m working on opening up a pattern store!), life in general. So it’s felt busy, at least to me! It’s still winter and the weather’s been utter crap. There was snow. And then there […]

Thoughts for Thursday

Hello everyone! I’m alive! I seem to keep on feeling the need to write that, I’m not sure why. I’ve had three out of four midterms so far, just had one of those three today. The other four are after my midterm break, so I get an entire work to do a lab report, work […]

Year of the Rabbit and other exciting news

I’m a few hours early for my time zone, but happy new year to everyone who celebrates it. It’s the Year of the Rabbit and a lot of stores have been capitalizing on that with ads that are all red and gold with white fluffy bunny images on them. So there’s just been a huge […]