I made the decision to go private on Twitter recently (erm, today) after getting more and more spammy-types of accounts following me and then sending me messages with spammy-type of messages. I could go through and block ’em all, but it was just so much easier to just go private all in one fell swoop […]

I caused a little ruckus today at the bus stop

And I’m not sorry that I did it. It was cold this morning, I was waiting for the bus. It’s a pretty popular bus route, a lot of people go on it, generally people are nice and polite in that stereotypical Canadian way (you know, we apologize for just about everything – sorry about that). […]

My grown up Christmas wish list

Also known as, the list of things I’m well aware that I will not be receiving this year for Christmas! So this is all done in a very tongue-in-cheek kind of way, I got the idea from Jenn at In-My-Bag.com. Things aren’t mentioned in any particular order, ones that show up closer to the top […]