I made the decision to go private on Twitter recently (erm, today) after getting more and more spammy-types of accounts following me and then sending me messages with spammy-type of messages. I could go through and block ’em all, but it was just so much easier to just go private all in one fell swoop (accounts that *I* don’t follow can’t send me messages). But if you wanted to follow me (and maybe I’d follow back, if you’re not a spammy-type of person), you can find me at @chelleshocks.

This weekend I’ve been working on my insect collection (due on Thursday, December 2nd) – just finishing up a few small things like gluing teeny tiny insects onto little triangles cut from index cards (I’m using light purple) and typing up all the information I’ll need for the tags that will be cut out and pinned as well. It’s going well though, I’m nearly completely done with a few days go about finishing it and putting down the final touches.

I have, at the time of writing, 3 more Oceanography assignments to do and 3 more online Oceanography quizzes. I also have maybe 2-3 more Ecology online assignments/quizzes to complete. There’s 5 more days of lectures, since I go to school Monday to Friday. I have one more project to hand in (my Entomology project that takes the place of a lab final, yay). After this week I have 4 finals before I get my Christmas/winter break!

I got really sad today because one of my stick insects had died. She was the one who moulted nearly a month after the other one and had a lot of issues with moulting (wasn’t able to pull free by herself) so I think in my heart, I knew she wasn’t ever going to really ‘make’ it because of that, as she had a lot of issues. She was the one that started off with the remaining egg casing stuck on her foot. The other one is still doing well, very much alive and eating and drinking whenever it wants (it’s fun to watch her eat because she eats a lot in one sitting). So while I’m really sad that one of them died in my care (although with all her issues, it’s possible that it was just nature taking it’s course), I’m quite happy that one of them is still doing well. This particular species is supposed to live for about 8 months, so we shall see how long I can keep her alive for (hopefully for the full 8 months, because then she’ll start producing eggs – no males/mating required).

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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  1. I hope this baby lives for quite a long time to come; that’s really sad that one of them died. 🙁 When I went to the zoo there we SO many stick insects. I’ll admit they scared me a bit because I was looking for them when I realised the ‘sticks’ I was looking at WERE them… 😛 Btu they are really intriguing creatures.

    You have so much to do before you even get a break, yikes. 🙁 *hugs* Hopefully it’ll be over before you know it, it’s too close to Christmas and holiday season to have so many assignments and tests!

    I’ve had a few of those spammy followers lately, sending me spammy tweets too. I just clear my timeline (I use Tweetdeck) so I don’t have to see them anymore. I’d probably only make my account private if I had private things to say. I’ve blocked some people on Twitter because they’re annoying with the spammy tweets, or they tried to start a fight just because I tweeted something they disagreed with… most of the time I don’t bother blocking and I just don’t look at their tweets. 😛

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