So uhh, I turned twenty-one years old recently. I can now legally drink in the United States of America… Not that I’m in the States very often. But I could legally drink in the States. Although I’ve been able to legally drink in Canada since I was 19. Oh, and now I’m sure you’re all concerned about my pending alcoholism. I can reassure you that I don’t drink very often. Generally it’s a social thing, or just a glass of wine while knitting or crocheting.

But yay, I’m older. *throws confetti*

I had a few of my friends over, I made dinner without burning the house down (whoot!)… although I did manage to burn the popcorn? Even though I stopped the microwave when it told me to stop it (when there’s more than 1-2 seconds between pops) but it still got burnt. Boo. But we did watch one of my favourite movies of all time – Casablanca! Complete with a lot of junk food and me biting the heads off of gummi bears. Because, you know, it’s what I do when I get a year older.

I’ve recently gotten all of the midterms back that I did mid-to-late October. I did well in ecology and entomology and good in animal mechanics and an ‘ehhhh’ in oceanography. Luckily (for me!) they adjusted the total a little bit, so my grade was bumped up a whole 8%. But I have one more oceanography midterm to deal with (I’m aware that there is only one middle-of-term, my oceanography professors are unaware that there is only one middle to something) so I’m going to be studying a lot for that, seeing as it’s the last midterm and it’s only one midterm – not one surrounded by a million (read: three) other tests.

I’m doing some baking tonight… Lava cakes with raspberries and white chocolate sauce… Yum.

Happy birthday to me?

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