One down, six more to go!

I’ve completed one midterm so far, yay! It was the first (of three) oceanography midterm that I had. Between now and the end of the term I have: 6 more midterms 1 major term paper 2 ecology lab reports 2 statistics lab reports 1 week off (!!!) for reading break Many stats and oceanography assignments […]

Productivity is a dirty word

I had an impromptu study group today – all five of the people who were in the group (four plus me!) are in the same oceanography courseĀ  (which I’m taking as a requirement). So there was R, S, T and N. Fantastic. T had missed half of the lectures so far (there’s been ten and […]

It was about time!

I’m about to talk a lot about my potential future so fair warning about me blabbing on and on. I had to spend to general sciences advising today. Who knew nothing (and asked if I spoke to science advising). Then I go to science advising. Who asked if I had spoken to general sciences advising […]