I’ve completed one midterm so far, yay! It was the first (of three) oceanography midterm that I had.

Between now and the end of the term I have:

Today was an alright day though. I slept in a little (until around 8am, which is later than my usual 5:30am!), I went and got awful passport photos taken (heh) and got the forms. I went to a thrift store with my sister and didn’t find anything I wanted (they had some nice old sewing machines, but they were $50 each and were super heavy and not near outlets at all for trying them out – and I had no car with me). I also went to the grocery store and bought several bags of bagels ($1/ea, most of them went into my freezer), some lunch meat (chicken), brown sugar (for baking) and Crispers. Everything was sold at a dollar, mmm, I love it when stores have sales!

So now that I have food for lunch purposes (yay) and snack foods (for studying aids), I’m set for at least a couple of weeks (at least until my mid-term break).

I’ve been subjected to my sister’s home-buying related rants (and raves) as my father’s gone off his rocker regarding the fact that his daughter is invest in real estate and he doesn’t like that because… it means that she’s not moving back home. Which I think is fine, because why else did she move out to begin with? (Beyond the fact that she moved out to e closer to her work place…)

But regardless… Life’s been good so far. I finished one midterm, I didn’t have a feeling of impending doom of failure in my stomach when I was done (I always feel like this is a very important thing). Next week I need to get a stats lab report, a stats assignment and ecology assignments done… As well as studying for an ecology midterm, so I’ll probably be rather productive while at school all of next week! Plus I’m going to be starting to lay out the groundwork for my term paper (due late February) and I’m hoping to get most of it done before my mid-term break, let’s cross my fingers there! But Saturday was my ‘day of rest’ and tomorrow is when I plan on really kick-starting my week where a lot of things are due.

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  1. ahh!! that’s a lot of stuff ..
    reading break? that sounds interesting. we had like one day a sem that was reading day I think..
    I think it is great your sister might get her own place! I mean why not? she’s a grown gal! 🙂

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