I had an impromptu study group today – all five of the people who were in the group (four plus me!) are in the same oceanography courseĀ  (which I’m taking as a requirement). So there was R, S, T and N. Fantastic.

T had missed half of the lectures so far (there’s been ten and she thinks that she has attended ‘about five’ so far).

R has attended all the lectures, but she only started studying today.

S has attended all the lectures, but she was busy freaking out over a genetics assignment that was due today (which was worth 0.5% of her final grade – the oceanography midterm is worth 20% of the final grade for that class).

N hasn’t attended all the lectures, but he at least started studying and we bounced ideas off each other mostly because no one else really knew what they were talking about (but they had plenty of questions!).

So it was a mostly productive time (for N and myself), somewhat productive for S (even though she spent the time working on her genetics assignment) and not very productive for T. She contributed one factoid that none of us had to share. And spent the rest of the time asking us questions.

Oh, and then R, S and T started in a conversation about “Which prof do you think is younger? Because the blonde looks really old!”. And then T started talking about getting her ‘monthly gift’, at which point N got very uncomfortable and was all like “I don’t need to talk about this! We should do something about the productivity in this room!”

And to which T replied “Productivity is a dirty word, y’know. And you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about a bunch of girls talking about their monthly cycles. Your girlfriend gets one too.”

Then N goes “Yeah, but she doesn’t share the details with me!”

So overall, a productive study group time (for me!) and I didn’t get home too late in the day.

What I learned today:

I enjoy my classes a lot better, even if I find the material difficult to grasp, when I realize that I understand it.

The lesson that I learned over my Christmas break was: I’m fully capable of applying myself and getting good grades. Who would have thunk it?

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