One down, six more to go!

I’ve completed one midterm so far, yay! It was the first (of three) oceanography midterm that I had. Between now and the end of the term I have: 6 more midterms 1 major term paper 2 ecology lab reports 2 statistics lab reports 1 week off (!!!) for reading break Many stats and oceanography assignments […]

Productivity is a dirty word

I had an impromptu study group today – all five of the people who were in the group (four plus me!) are in the same oceanography courseĀ  (which I’m taking as a requirement). So there was R, S, T and N. Fantastic. T had missed half of the lectures so far (there’s been ten and […]

I’ve got a routine, bonus points for me

I’ve been preoccupied with school lately, it’s basically my life at the moment. That and job searching. Speaking of which, if you know anyone who’s willing to hire a BSc student, currently in 3rd year, that has some some lab experience working with both living and dead animal and plant tissues; handling chemicals in a […]