Imaginary Sunshine finally has a new theme! It has an absurd amount of layers for what it looks like (24, which seems like a lot to me for how simplistic it looks, but such is life!), I love pretty flowers. It was pointed to me a while ago by K how many of my WordPress themes have nature things being featured (the answer is a lot; you can see small screenshots of all my old themes).

I hung out with the family for most of today. We went out for dim sum (which was delicious – we got some of their new dishes, which is always fun to try). We go to that same restaurant so often, they know us by name now and always wonder where someone is if someone is missing in the family. So it’s a great place to go, love the service and they’re always nice (plus, the restaurant gets a lot of repeat customers). I always love going out for dim sum because it’s always fun to have the carts coming around to the tables. I don’t mind the places that give you a piece of paper to do all of your ordering, but it’s always more fun to get the carts. And the places that I find that have really good food and and really good service, I’ll actually remember by name. If I absolutely hated something about them (either the food was bad/poorly made or just crappy service), I’ll never remember their name except for “We’re not going to that crappy place that served us cold food, are we?” or “We’re not going to that place with that woman who slammed the dishes down in front of us again, right? Because I hated it there.” Places with good food & good service get rewarded. Bad service, bad food and bad establishments in general get a poor rating, in my mind, and do not deserve repeat customers. Luckily I’m not the only one who feels that way, because I’m generally not the one driving so I don’t really get much of a say in where we’re going…

And after that fun time going out for dim sum, we went grocery shopping. Then we had gone to Ikea and I got to listen to everyone squabble and get angry at each other over Expedit bookshelves. Yes, I know, my family argues very important things in life. I got annoyed with the arguing and went off with one of my sisters to look at the stuffed animals, the fun light fixtures (mostly designed for kids’ rooms, I know) and we got frozen yoghurt (which may or may not have been my primary reason for going along to Ikea in the first place…). My sister also bought some meatballs and other sister bought some pricey plasticware for the leak-proof-ness that it possessed (okay, maybe it wasn’t terribly pricey, but it seemed pricy to me!).

Another site that has it’s own customized WordPress theme now is! I worked on it yesterday and today to get it done. If you hadn’t read my previous post, is a website that’s dedicated to helping raise funds for Alissia’s medical expenses. Alissia is a 3 year old girl who was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and had recently underwent a stem cell transplant. All donations and well-wishes and positive thinking makes a huge difference. Even if you can’t donate, just a blog post or a tweet about the website would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Cute layout! I also like the layout at 4alissia. I went there the other day because I saw it on your twitter. I think it’s a great thing you’re all doing.

    Our family has a restaurant like that. They know us by name. It’s a Greek place in our town. My dad’s side of the family is Greek and this little place just loves us. Every time I go in there they ask me HOW IS JIIIIIM (my dad is Jim). It’s cute.

  2. Pretty layout! 😀 I remember one of my old layouts having 50+ layers, it was definitely really complicated.

    I love the layout at 4alissia. I just tweeted about it, hopefully more people find out about it and can offer a helping hand.

    There’s a restaurant I went to with my mum, dad and brother and the service was terrible. The lady didn’t understand a word we were saying and when we asked about our food and why it hadn’t arrived, all she did was walk to the counter and come back – she hadn’t even asked the chef about it… and she was just quite rude. We always associate those bad experiences with the restaurants we experienced them in. I don’t remember the name of this particular restaurant either. 😛

    I’ve only been for dim sum once! *_*

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