A Good Weekend

I did some thrifting again – some by myself and another shopping trip with my sister. Both times I ended up buying either vintage bakeware or vintage casserole dish. Because I’m slightly crazy and feel the need for vintage goodness. Besides, Pyrex and Glasbake are gorgeous. And so very handy, because everything makes me so […]

Thrifting, couponing and dolly meet

I’ve gotten over the shock of having short hair now (amazing what a week does!) and I have gotten used to it to seeing it short. It still feels weird because I keep reaching for hair that’s just not there anymore, guess I’m just used to having long, long hair! But it’s a nice change […]

Seven inches later

Because I cried about it, I feel the need to blog about it. (Isn’t that what always happens?!) I asked my mom if she would cut my hair. I just wanted a simple straight cut and she’s done it for me many times in the past so I didn’t think it’d be too bad. I […]