I did some thrifting again – some by myself and another shopping trip with my sister. Both times I ended up buying either vintage bakeware or vintage casserole dish. Because I’m slightly crazy and feel the need for vintage goodness. Besides, Pyrex and Glasbake are gorgeous. And so very handy, because everything makes me so much more happier when I’m storing food in cute, coloured dishes. Or when I’m pouring beads into a vintage mug. Because I’m just that kind of person. But anyways, this is what I bought…\

Thrifted finds - 08/20/2011

Thrifted finds - 08/21/2011

I hung out with my boyfriend Saturday night as well. I don’t think Clay’s been mentioned in a while here, but he’s alive, we’re together. And he finally had some time off from work so we spent some time together. It was really good, and I think we both really needed some restful time together. He showed me his nifty new desktop, we chatted about future things and whatnot and just spent time together – which was the best thing of all that happened this weekend. I can get absurdly jealous of friends who get to see their boyfriends on a more frequent basis, but Clay reminded me that the time we do get to spend together is precious and thus should be treated as such. Such a smart cookie I’m dating. ♥

Sunday night I had gotten dressed up and went out with C and J to see a musical! We saw Mamma Mia! and had a blast. It was a great production and I always love seeing live theatre.

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  1. Awesome! I love hearing about your thrifting adventures. Sounds like great deals and lots of fun! We could always use scissors in my house. I need to find some more!

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