I am still waiting for my textbook to arrive. It’s coming from Ohio, USA. Which is (at the very least) on the same continent. I wasn’t aware it’d take so darn long for a book to arrive. I hope it arrives early next week though – while I have been keeping up with my readings (thanks to the advances of modern technology – my camera and my laptop), it’d be nice to have the textbook before the first midterm (30th). But we’ll see, I guess.

Volunteering has been going really well since I went back! People are happy that I’m back on Fridays, yay.

In other news, I finished writing my first paper for the term today. It’s on the distribution of Apteryx mantelli, commonly known as the brown kiwi or North Island brown kiwi. Oh, and I also got the cuteness dolly in the mail the other day (apologies for poor quality cell phone photos, but she still oozes of cuteness):

So happy!

Bald is beautiful

A handful of cuteness

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  1. I can’t believe that book hasn’t come yet! Is someone taking it by horseback or something? Sheesh!

    I’m glad volunteering is going well and oh my goodness that doll is SO adorable!

    1. It *just* arrived today! 😀 It came via USPS Priority Mail? It’s been raining a lot here today though, so when I got home and saw that the packaging was soaked my heart sank because it’s a textbook, after all! Luckily the book was still shrink wrapped (!) so no water damage was done 🙂

    1. She’s actually a bjd from Doll Leaves! She’s 16cm and is actually a discontinued dolly, the stock name was DingDing 🙂 She’s my first bjd and my first ‘tiny’. 🙂

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