Handful of cuteness (and still impatient).

Written on September 24, 2011 at 6:45 pm
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I am still waiting for my textbook to arrive. It’s coming from Ohio, USA. Which is (at the very least) on the same continent. I wasn’t aware it’d take so darn long for a book to arrive. I hope it arrives early next week though – while I have been keeping up with my readings (thanks to the advances of modern technology – my camera and my laptop), it’d be nice to have the textbook before the first midterm (30th). But we’ll see, I guess.

Volunteering has been going really well since I went back! People are happy that I’m back on Fridays, yay.

In other news, I finished writing my first paper for the term today. It’s on the distribution of Apteryx mantelli, commonly known as the brown kiwi or North Island brown kiwi. Oh, and I also got the cuteness dolly in the mail the other day (apologies for poor quality cell phone photos, but she still oozes of cuteness):

So happy!

Bald is beautiful

A handful of cuteness

5 Responses to “Handful of cuteness (and still impatient).”

  1. Caity says:

    I can’t believe that book hasn’t come yet! Is someone taking it by horseback or something? Sheesh!

    I’m glad volunteering is going well and oh my goodness that doll is SO adorable!

    • Michelle says:

      It *just* arrived today! 😀 It came via USPS Priority Mail? It’s been raining a lot here today though, so when I got home and saw that the packaging was soaked my heart sank because it’s a textbook, after all! Luckily the book was still shrink wrapped (!) so no water damage was done 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    oh she’s ADORABLE!! Look how smalllllll!! is it a pukifee? or a puki puki? i forget which is smaller…. *squee* SO CUTE!!

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