During elementary school, I learned little skills that I didn’t realize were all that important at the time. I learned how to safely use scissors. I learned where glue should (and should not) go. I learned how to share and how to be a friend, how to play a recorder, how to do basic mathematics and that I’m really bad at sports. I learned how to fall and how to get up again and I learned that no matter what, I cannot properly do monkey bars.

In middle school, I learned that some people feel that there are more important things than friendship (such as popularity, or clothing labels). I learned how to sing (choir, I was a soprano), play the clarinet. I learned about cliques and getting to classes on time. I learned about bullies the hard way. I learned how easy it was hide an eating disorder because when you make yourself invisible – no one really notices you at all. I developed hobbies during this time that still stick with me (blogging, writing, jewellery making). I figured out some things that I hated about myself.

And then there was high school, where I learned some time management skills. I learned how horrible I am at math. I developed a love for science, mostly biology. I learned how to voice my opinion to people in positions of authority (teachers, primarily). I developed friendships with teachers, at least one of which is still ongoing. I developed better friendships than I ever did in elementary school, ones that even lasted after graduation. I learned what real friends were like and I got most of my hormones in check before doing stupid things.

And now, with university, I learned a lot of things. I learned what it was like to fail. I learned what it was like to pass with flying colours. I learned what love was and how to let myself be loved. I learned how to make mistakes and how to fix them. I learned much better study habits than I ever had before. I learned how to form study groups, make useful notes and how to talk to professors without sounding like I know absolutely nothing. I learned how lasting friendships don’t always last and that some friendships just don’t last after high school. I learned how to laugh and how to let myself cry. I learned what it was like to have another living thing dependent on me for survival (my pets). I learned what I really love to study and I really don’t like. I learned more about myself since graduating high school than I ever did in the years before. I learned how to be happier with myself, and with others. I learned to take things with a grain of salt.

But most importantly, I learned to love myself and those that I hold closest to my heart. ♥

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  1. This entry is awesome. <3
    Sometimes it's so important to realize all the great things we've learned in our lives and realize that some of these skills that may seem trivial can still help us in our adult lives.

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