Hello 2012! I started my second term on January 5th. I’m taking three courses this term: Animal Ethics and Welfare, Health Psychology and Human Sexuality. It’s also my first time taking an online course (Human Sexuality). I’m currently waiting on my textbooks to arrive – I won’t really need them until the end of the month. My courses this term involve a group blog (Human Sexuality), a term project with a website presentation (Animal Ethics and Welfare) and nothing but 3 tests (Health Psychology).

In other news, my application for graduation means that this is my last term for my degree. And I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday – which means I get four day weekends all the time. Yes, I’m quite happy about that. Maybe not with the sheer amount of work for 3 credits in some of my classes, but still, quite happy with my long weekends all the time (yes, I’m rubbing that in now). I’m going to be retaking three high school courses though, because it’s been more than 5 years since I took them and I need them to apply for one of the schools that I was hoping to apply to. Other applications are going well, just waiting for transcripts to be mailed from my current school to the other ones and to hand in high school transcripts. So I think I’ll be working on those three classes (Math 11, Chem 11, Biology 12) when I can, along with other course work and volunteering and other commitments.

Other than school, that’s all that is currently going on in my life (yay…). School, school and… more school.

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