Work’s been going alright. All of last week, my supervisor was away on vacation so it was blissful. It was just A, E and myself. This week, E’s away on vacation and our supervisor is back so it’s… interesting. But last week went great! We were, as E called us, a well-oiled machine. Things went in a smooth order and it was fantastic. There were a few hiccups and I did a oopsies with one order, but other than that it went well! I dealt (well, or so I thought) the issues that were thrown my way. +1 for learning!

It’ll be an interesting week for work though, seeing as how E is gone on vacation and the supervisor is back. No more well-oiled machine, boo! I have 14 more work days before my last day (August 17th).

So in BC, the way that driving licenses work is that you get your L (learner’s) which you can get at the age of 16. When I was doing it, you had to have your L for a minimum of a  year (I think?). I got my N (novice) license when I was 17 (very close to my 18th birthday). I’ve been eligible to take my Class 5 road test (no restrictions besides the ones that apply to everyone) since September 2009. Yeah, slacking a bit much there. Anyways, my N was due to expire on my birthday this year (the N is valid for 5 years).

And… I went and took the road test today! I booked the appointment ~2ish months ago. I passed! The examiner was super nice and I did make a few minor mistakes, but nothing that was so bad that I failed (whew!). I did have to do a few things that I didn’t expect that I would be asked to do – seeing as how people I had talked to didn’t need to do it. I did a lot of similar things that I had to do when I was getting my N – parallel parking, parking on a hill. I did not have to reverse stall park though, even thought that was something that I had practiced! The only available spot was one in a corner and there was no room really to reverse into it, so he just had me pull into it. Then he went “That was great!”, cue my confusion and “Thanks!”. I no longer have to put the N[1. Novice drivers put a green N magnet on the back of their cars; Learners have a red L magnet.] on the back of the car. And I’m now allowed to drive with a headset for a cell phone (as long as my hands don’t touch the cell phone, handsfree laws!), but I am allowed to have more than 1 person in my car that’s not related to me (and they don’t have to be 25+ with a Class 5 for 5+ years!).

School prep is almost done. I’m just working on notes on the prereading for one of my classes (I really don’t remember what all of my classes are called or their course numbers, I don’t know them off by heart yet). It’s 18 chapters of prereading, so I’m working away at all and hoping to get it all done before school starts (August 20th – yes, I gave myself 2 days off between the last day of work and first day of school). And I’ll be getting back to that right after I hit publish on this post!

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