Today was my last day of work, again.

I’ve been at the same company (it’s changed names, but still the same company) since 2006. Well, I’ve been at the same company every summer since 2006. So this year was my 7th summer, and it’s probably (highly likely) going to be my last. They’ve been fantastic to me. The money has paid for my expenses for the last six years and for the entirety of my first degree. It’s also going to be paying for the first 2 terms (or so) of 7 of the nursing program that I’m starting on Monday (yay!).

It’s certainly been an interesting summer – work related drama aside. It was a bittersweet goodbye though. Partly because I know the likelihood of me going back is incredibly low. The program I’m going into is three years straight with 2-3 weeks between terms. So chances of me going back are very low and just overall highly unlikely. After I get my BScN, I’ll be looking for a job in health care, not a job in plastics manufacturing or customer service.

But I do like a lot of the people that I worked with. And I’ll even miss quite a bit of them. I got a few gifts as today was my last day and the one I absolutely adore the most was this card:

Card from my coworker on my last day of work

The card is from a guy at work who’s wife is a nurse. He’s been my proxy in asking her questions about where to find decently priced scrubs, thoughts on brands of stethoscopes. And being told by someone who knows what nurses go through that thinks I’m going to do well? +1 gold star for me.

I’ll definitely miss the people most of all.

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  1. Haha, your comment made me laugh. I’m definitely not planning to do any posts involving porn, I don’t really fancy killing my visitors eyes (and mine!) all in one go. I’ll just stick to blogs about pasta, they’re much less offensive.

    Aww, that card is so sweet. Shame you had to leave, but I’m sure the nursing program will be great. Good luck!

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