Shoot the messenger

I got a phone call this morning at (I just checked my cell phone for this) 5:29am. Very early, considering I technically don’t need to be awake by 11am (but I usually am, out of habit). It’s one of my friends from school (N) who also happens to be dating one of my other friends […]

So predictable

Do you know how you get a guy who doesn’t read very much to read something and read quickly? Promise to talk dirty to him later if he can find the only type on a page. Not only will he read it, he’ll actually make suggestions for things to be changed. But he still didn’t […]

A Public Transit Conversation

G: Hi, do I know you? M: (Looks at him and is actually thinking.) No, I don’t think so. G: Would you like me to? M: (Sounding curious.) Does that line ever work? G: (Smiling) You tell me. (Holds out hand.) I’m Greg. M: Michelle. He goes on to introduce himself some more and he […]