You blink, and it’s 2018.

Yeah, I’m pretty much over the idea of regularly blogging (here, anyways). I’ve been regularly publishing reviews over on my tea website – One More Steep – if anyone wants to follow me there. I also regularly share photos on my personal IG (@chelleshocks) and on my tea blog IG (@onemoresteep). I don’t feel like […]


I’d like to be a better blogger, keep a better personal blog when it comes to things that happen to me and in my life. Since my last entry (Remembrance Day), I started working (finished orientation, did some buddy shifts) and I’ve been doing shifts without a direct mentor since early December. I worked pretty […]

One Down, Two to Go!

I wrote a final this morning, which was called a ‘quiz’ by the esteemed teaching staff for my course. I may have rolled my eyes more than once when they first announced that the course had 2 quizzes, and three papers, where the quizzes are each worth 35% of our final grade. In what world […]