What? A new look?!

I made a new theme for Imaginary Sunshine – finally! I’m quite happy with it, and I’ll be making updates to the pages over the next few days. The ‘content’ is gone, it’s going to be all about me-me-me. Simplified it quite a bit, clean white background. It makes me happy. And isn’t that what […]

Morning tea and Swedish furniture walk into a bar…

Imaginary Sunshine finally has a new theme! It has an absurd amount of layers for what it looks like (24, which seems like a lot to me for how simplistic it looks, but such is life!), I love pretty flowers. It was pointed to me a while ago by K how many of my WordPress […]

Entomology (and other ramblings)

I had my first entomology lab today, it was just a little introduction where we went over how many orders there were (and sub-orders, cripes). We have an option of doing an insect collection or a lab final (no midterm). I’m definitely in the “insect collection” camp! It was pretty fun, even though it was […]