Musings for the weekend

My dolly blog is up! However, the links on the side don’t work (yet). They link back here, haha. But I’ll get them done this weekend – I got a little sidetrack by this cute feel-good movie that was on tv (called Chestnut: Hero of Central Park) which, while predictable, was a very nice movie […]

Photo Saturday!

I got new earrings today (whoot!) and the backings are considerably easy to take off (I tested all of them in the store prior to buying them, and it seemed like a pretty decent deal, considering the silver part of it and all). I went over to K’s house and, bless her, she helped me […]

So much to do, so little time

It has been a rather haphazard today. My family and I went out for breakfast/lunch. We went to the restaurant too early and they were only serving the lunch menu. So my sister D and my mom both got omelettes, I ended up with sausages and scrambled eggs and my dad somehow talked the waiter […]