It has been a rather haphazard today. My family and I went out for breakfast/lunch. We went to the restaurant too early and they were only serving the lunch menu. So my sister D and my mom both got omelettes, I ended up with sausages and scrambled eggs and my dad somehow talked the waiter into letting him order something off the lunch menu. And at the end of the breakfast, I somehow managed to flip my fork up into the air and it fell onto the floor. When I picked it up, this is what it looked like:


Whoopsies…? I have no clue how I managed to do that…

Besides that, I spent some time in the mall today, took some photos (some are uploaded at my Flickr account) of my Blythe, Sophie, and her new clothes. I’m still waiting to receive the Enchanted Petal stock dress I bought, but it should be arriving either late next week or early the week after that. Also went ahead and uploaded some photos of my sweater project onto and I’m still working on the dolly blog layout. Speaking of which, I’d like your opinion on some of the names that I’m debating between:

Choice A: Life with Sophie (Con: “Life with Blythe” is being used by another Blythe owner)
Choice B: A Blythe a day keeps your sanity away! (Long…)
Choice C: I have no freaking clue (Not actually suggesting this as an option – Please give me your suggestions!)

Anyways, I am off to get ready and to clean up  my room a bit – need to get some things done before heading out tonight to see Les Miserables with C! Hope you all have a good Saturday.

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  1. You killed the fork! Ohnoes! D:

    I think Choice A is an okay one, but how about one word with just Sophie’s name? I think you could come up with a beautiful word using her name. Sophiesticate? Maybe not that >.<

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