I got new earrings today (whoot!) and the backings are considerably easy to take off (I tested all of them in the store prior to buying them, and it seemed like a pretty decent deal, considering the silver part of it and all). I went over to K’s house and, bless her, she helped me out with getting the earrings out. Quite fast too. I was surprised at how fast she got them off, she made it look so easy! I was jealous. But I got them out (thankfully) and she helped me out with putting the new ones in (the daisy ones with the pink center).


And… Here’s some Sophie-spam for you all, since my dolly blog isn’t up and functional yet (but very soon!). (Yes, these photos are up on my Flickr photostream as well, but I only put up the ones I liked so…

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  1. I love those earrings. I love Sophie’s new dress. It’s absolutely adorable. Is that green background your wall color? It’s awesome.

  2. Haha! I don’t even have to tell my parents. My dad would tell my brother that his friend can’t be over 3 days straight in a roll. However, my brother doesn’t listen. >.>

    And don’t worry 🙂 I don’t got berserk when he doesn’t call haha. I think that’s a little to quick to react, especially the wrong way you know.

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