New chapter starts now!

After I had written yesterday’s entry, I went to volunteering. While I was there, I received two emails from that school that I wasn’t expecting to hear from until Monday. I got in. I start my first term of nursing school in late August. I have orientation very soon (early May). There’s so much to […]

An open letter to (some) Canadians

Dear Canadians, You disappoint me on so many levels. The first government to be found in contempt of Parliament. The first prime minister to do so much stupid things. And while they haven’t finished counting up all the ballots, everyone is projecting a majority Conservative government. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named did so much stupid things to embarrass the […]

twenty + one = twenty-one

So uhh, I turned twenty-one years old recently. I can now legally drink in the United States of America… Not that I’m in the States very often. But I could legally drink in the States. Although I’ve been able to legally drink in Canada since I was 19. Oh, and now I’m sure you’re all […]