Saturday Minor Highlights

Completely swelling free today. Completely. Michelle rejoiced. Ate solid food today! (Ham and eggs with noodles for lunch at a small restaurant while my parents ate other food – the kitchen screwed up my order and they wanted to know if I’d take my order with udon noodles instead, I said no and they made […]

Olympics Musings

As the world may be aware, the Olympics began with the Opening Ceremony on Friday. I have my favourite and not-so-favourite parts to the ceremony. Whoever had the bright idea to change up the national anthem is an idiot. But for the rest of it, it was great (uhh, wait, except for that segment with […]

School rants and raves (but mostly raves!)

First class – biology (invertebrates) Professor is really energetic, very young (but not as cute as my friends had made him sound like he was – they gushed about his stunningly good looks). Course seems very straight forward, in terms of marking and labs. He was very enthusiastic with the introductory material, so I figure […]