It’ll be an interesting week…

Work Work’s been going alright. All of last week, my supervisor was away on vacation so it was blissful. It was just A, E and myself. This week, E’s away on vacation and our supervisor is back so it’s… interesting. But last week went great! We were, as E called us, a well-oiled machine. Things […]

Catching up doesn’t need to be hard to do

What’s new with Michelle these days? Well, apparently I managed to avoid posting for most of June. I’ve been working since mid-June. Which means that I get to see Clay on a mostly regular/weekday-daily basis. Which is fantastic. He works a lot… He’s always worked a lot. But now I’m working too. And hey, once […]

The end of something, the start of something

The past week or so has been a bit of a whirlwind. I got sick, for starters. Don’t ask me how. How does one come down with a cold in the summer? It defies logic (even though, the biology student side of me is chiding me for thinking that a ‘cold’ has anything to do […]