I’m still alive (and I have news!)

I haven’t blogged in forever. What have I been up to since July?? I played tour guide for visiting relatives who were in Canada for all of one week that was book ended by trans-Pacific flights, I was one of the organizers for a doll convention in August (BlytheCon Vancouver), I applied for so many […]

Oh hai, I have a blog?

I’m still alive, promise. I’ve been super busy! Since my last post, I was on spring break for a week (where I picked up a week of full time work). My break consisted of homework and work-work. At least I got paid for one of those… But the money is already spoken for, oh well! […]

Parting Gifts

Today was my last day of work, again. I’ve been at the same company (it’s changed names, but still the same company) since 2006. Well, I’ve been at the same company every summer since 2006. So this year was my 7th summer, and it’s probably (highly likely) going to be my last. They’ve been fantastic […]