So I had my math final last night (starting at 7pm, bleh). I felt like it went fairly alright (then again, what do I know?). I had my biochemistry final today (yes, I know it’s a Sunday, someone should inform my university about that little tidbit too). And fudge it was difficult. =( On one […]

Last day of lectures!

I had exactly one class today (biochemistry) and it was the most boring class of my life. Not because I was feeling restless because it was the last day of class, but because we were learning about enzymes regulating reactions… and she kept on saying the same thing over and over and over again because […]

Scheduling in my schedule

So this is my schedule for the next… week and a bit. Classes end on Thursday, and once that’s over (I  end at 9:30am!), I’m hoping to do ~9 hours of studying per day. The first few days will focus mainly on invertebrates zoology (first exam, upcoming Monday) and then after that it’ll be ~9-12 […]