I had exactly one class today (biochemistry) and it was the most boring class of my life. Not because I was feeling restless because it was the last day of class, but because we were learning about enzymes regulating reactions… and she kept on saying the same thing over and over and over again because this student in my lecture (N), who asks stupid questions every single lecture, was going “I’m very confused, can you explain what an allosteric enzyme is to me again?” for more than one time.

Allosteric enzyme: an enzyme that binds to other molecule(s) in addition to their substrates. These other molecules effect the active sites so that the binding of the substrates to the active site is more stable.

Not the most in depth definition, but it’s the extent that I need to know it for my course.

Seriously, that’s what the definition was. But this guy asked three times for her to repeat it, even though he was holding up a copy of the lecture slides for the day AND he had his course notes (custom courseware) out in front of him. And she was saying the exact same words as what was in the course notes so I really don’t see how that was an issue.

Then again, this is the same person who asked why people do not do photophosphorylation (which occurs in chloroplasts) – so why am I even remotely surprised?


Anyways… Class ended on time, my prof got a standing ovation (granted, I didn’t stand because I was putting my books away and all my pens back into their case). She was a pretty awesome professor… Despite the fact that she never started class on time (ever).

I went from the building where I had my biochemistry class to the bus loop, got on the bus and then while the bus was turning out of the bus loop, I remembered that I had to pick up my vascular plants lab final. So I pulled for the bell and got off a block away and walked back towards the biology building. I met M along the way and asked if she’d picked hers up yet and she went “Oh shit. You had to remind me, didn’t you?”. Yes, M, yes I did. She did better than I did, but I rocked the section about flowers and fruit (25/25!). And I thought that was the worst station <- This is because we had to fill out  table (name of structure, function of structure and what does each structure become in the fruit). It turns out that I can guess quite effectively! Most of the parts are reduced, only the ovule becomes the seed and the ovary becomes part of the fruit wall (along with the hypanthium). Oh flowers, how I love thee.

Made some headway on my studying – I finished my biochemistry assignment a day early (it’s due tomorrow, I had scheduled in time to work on it tomorrow!) so I’m planning on devoting the newly freed up time equally for biology (invertebrates zoology) and biochemistry (yay!). By Sunday, I hope to have completed problem sets 5, 6 and 7 for biochemistry and to be done studying for invertebrates (as the final is on Monday).

Also… Could someone please inform my father to stop asking me when my finals are? I’ve told him five times since I got home from school today that I:

And yet he has asked me multiple times if I have school tomorrow (and does not understand why I sound exasperated when I repeat myself), he keeps on thinking I have my first final on Saturday and that I’m done by Monday and my mom thinks it’s hilarious because I’ve told her once and she’s committed it to memory already while he’s just asking me over and over again because he thinks that if I don’t have classes, that means that I’m free to run errands for him or to help do major projects around the house. I try not to laugh, I really do.

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