Better late than never!

The dentist loves me. Mostly because I go so darn often. Heh, not as often as my sister though! I went today for my regular cleaning. My dentist poked around at the spots where I got my wisdom teeth extracted (by him) and my mouth is sore in the back right now because of it. […]

Busy bee on a sunny Saturday

Today seemed fairly short, which was good and bad. Good because it felt like the day went by quickly and that I did a lot. Bad because it’s the weekend and who ever wants the weekend to go by quickly? I got my stitches removed at the dentist, it was a very quick procedure (maybe […]

OMFG, it’s a wasp.

What’s worse? Wasps, spiders or ants? I went to the library today (first time in a while) and borrowed a crochet book to use and review from my crafts site ( And I parked in the parking lot of the library and then I looked to reach for my bag on the passenger seat next […]