What’s worse? Wasps, spiders or ants?
I went to the library today (first time in a while) and borrowed a crochet book to use and review from my crafts site (chelle-chelle.com). And I parked in the parking lot of the library and then I looked to reach for my bag on the passenger seat next to me and there was a freaking wasp on my bag. I freaked the fuck out and went ‘Oh shit’ repeatedly in my head (and once out loud) so I quickly exited the car and then locked the door. Heh, I went to the library, browsed through the books, and then went back to the car and it was on the inside of the window for the driver’s side.. I opened the door and nudged at the wasp with the car keys (all the while praying it wouldn’t sting me!) and then it dropped (or flew..?) to the ground of the parking lot and then I stepped on it for good measure. Nothing against wasps… I don’t like them, they freak me out more than spiders (seriously) because they’ve caused so much damage (… I could give you a tour around my house and point out all the places where we’ve had wasps make nests…). Not as much as ants freak me out, but still. But yes, the wasp was, ahem, taken care of, and then I was on my way.

Taking out my wisdom… teeth.
I had a dentist appointment today… My last appointment was just on November 28th, but that was for a cleaning. This appointment was for doing some fillings, apparently my teeth suck and I had three teeny cavities to get done. I was in the dentist chair for about half an hour, the wait was a lot longer. I also got x-rays done of my teeth so I can get my wisdom teeth extracted yoinked in February. I’m getting all four of my wisdom teeth taken out (including the one that is not showing at all), but my dentist will only do it over two different appointments. My first appointment is on February 16th, where I’m getting two teeth extracted on one side. Then on the 25th, I’m getting the stitches removed on one side and the other two teeth extracted. I actually wanted to get all four extracted at once, but my dentist said no because he a) wants me to be able to eat and b) probably because two of my wisdom-filled teeth are impacting my hind molars. Whoot. My teeth suck, obviously. And no more wisdom for me… Because I don’t feel like having them completely get full of cavities in the back of my mouth (eww). And, well, apparently that’s what I’ll be doing during my reading break.

Shopping, shopping, shopping!
I’m going shopping tonight with my sister, J. She’s getting a laptop as a desktop replacement. It beats out my laptop in so many ways. My  laptop is an HP: 15.4″ widescreen, 2gb RAM, 200gb hard drive and it cost just over $1000 when I got it back in 2007. Her new laptop that she’s getting tonight? 15.6″ widescreen, 4gb RAM, 500gb hard drive and it’s costing her just under $750. Sigh. But hers is also HP, my other sister (D) has a Toshiba, but none of us like it because it aesthetically doesn’t look that great and overheats quite a bit, even with a cooling mat. I’m just going with her because she doesn’t feel like shopping alone, but hopefully it’s not too crowded at the store/mall…. Mostly because I don’t feel like dealing with people, hah.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. bugs. spiders.bees ew. lol i would have been the same way
    my wisdom teeth need out but i haven’t ever had too many problems out of them yet. but when i do its going to be CIAO
    oh an I LOVES the HP’s 🙂

  2. At least you’re getting 4 out over two sessions, I got all 4 of mine out in one 🙁 I’m pretty sure I lost some weight after that too, hahahaha.

    Wow, cavities! I haven’t had a cavity since I was eight or nine or something, I think if I got one now, I’d be devastated because I’m sort of proud of my adult teeth /vanity. Hahaha!

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