Today was my last biology lab class. I was placed into a group where I drank 800ml of water (800ml = 0.8L = 1.057 quarts). It could have been worse. I could have drank 800ml of electrolyte and sugar filled water (neon orange Gatorade ftl). It wasn’t a bad lab though, it was actually kind of fun (well, besides the whole ‘Hey, 3 more minutes!’ from J all the time). No latex gloves, but we were all very good and no one spilled or anything. And… I found out that I don’t have diabetes, I don’t have bleeding from my kidneys, I don’t have any major easy-to-diagnose-with-Labstix-strips diseases! Yeah! But the hardest part was drinking 800ml. Because we had to drink it at exactly 9:30am. Have you ever tried drinking nearly a litre of water in a short period of time? I downed the entire first cup (400ml) but I had issues with the second one. We weren’t allowed to drink any form of liquids this morning, so I was thirsty, but really, 800ml and my TA was telling us that we should drink it within 5 minutes. Really? 800ml in 5 minutes? I’m not a sponge!

It was really sad though, since it was the last biology lab. I mean, yes, I still have the paper to write (7 pages with a title page, abstract, graphs and tables and on and on and on), but that’s due after my English paper (erm… the day after) so I’ll work on it after my paper’s done (35% > 4%, correct? I thought so too!).

I was talking with M outside of the biology lecture hall today, he’s wanting to go into nursing as well and he’s applied at one school (we laughed a little at his use of of the ‘all eggs into one basket’ saying). And then we were talking about the school and the program and whatnot. He’s concerned that there won’t be enough experience gained from the practicum and that he won’t get in and to that I just went “…. You’re a guy. You’re practically guaranteed a golden ticket in, M. Don’t worry so much.” Sadly, it’s true. What with them wanting to show that the program’s equal towards both genders to make it seem more diverse (they get more funding that way – everything’s politics in one way or another), he’s more likely to get into the program than I am. Which is sadly accurate. But then again, I won’t be applying to only one school. Sure, I have my dream schools (Dalhousie University being basically my ‘ultimate dream school’), but I’m going to be realistic about it as well and apply to more than one school. But it would be nice to go there… After all, if you’re going to go to school to go for a specific program, why not attempt to shoot for the stars? … Besides the fact that I wouldn’t be a local student and it’d be really expensive and they reserve very little seats for people outside of the Maritimes and, right, it’s in Nova Scotia. They get a lot of snow other there. I complain enough about the snow here as it is – imagine how my blog would be come autumn/winter/spring. It’d be like “… It’s May and it’s still snowing!” (that was a hyperbole, I don’t know if they get snow in May or not).

So now I’m going to go over my notes for my English paper again (I’m doing a very rough outline so I can get my prof to look it over for me – I’m not about to do a paper that’s worth 35% without having his input, I’m not that suicidal… I think.). Maybe reread the poems for tomorrow’s class, maybe even look over my psychology notes (wow, that’s a novel concept!).

If anyone wants to talk about Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus with me, feel free to send me a message via Twitter and I’ll totally welcome any ideas that you have about Marlowe’s use of borrowing from any scripture, mythology or his contemporaries (Shakespeare in particular). Cheers!


  1. What’s the earliest that you have to get up during the week?
  2. Do you have a dream school that you’d want to attend if you could (and if money wasn’t an issue)?
  3. What’s your dream career (realistic and unrealistic)?
  4. If you’ve had the flu recently, how long did it take you to get over the damn cough?

My answers:

  1. 6am on Tuesdays, but now that I no longer have my morning lab, the earliest will be 8am.
  2. Dalhousie University, for their nursing program.
  3. Realistic (I hope!): to be a RN, specializing in pediatrics or geriatrics. Unrealistic would be a novelist, or making a living off selling jewelry.
  4. I haven’t a clue because I’m still coughing (but I’m drinking tea again! I was off caffeine when I was really not feeling well, now I’m drinking tea again, so I’m getting there.).

4 Responses

  1. 1. 8:30 am. Damn morning classes =(
    2. Wharton at U of P – I like their undergrad business program
    3. Something in marketing? Working with kids? Even unrealistic dream careers are a little fuzzy right now.
    4. No Flu. Just a cold. I had a cough but it was gone in less than five days =)

  2. Eeeeek! That’s a lot of water in FIVE minutes. I mean, I can drink maybe 400ml, but not 800. That’s insane. There was a woman who entered a competition to drink the most water in a small period of time, and she ended up dead. 😐

    I don’t know how far you are from that uni, but here, when we say “local”, we mean kind of in the same city/state. :S

    1. What’s the earliest that you have to get up during the week?
    2. Do you have a dream school that you’d want to attend if you could (and if money wasn’t an issue)?
    Not really. I LOVE my uni.
    3. What’s your dream career (realistic and unrealistic)?
    Realistic: doing computery/media type stuff and dealing with people. Enjoying it, getting some good pay. Good hours.
    Unrealistic: Working whenever I want, getting paid to maintain my OWN site. Epic woot. Hmm. I think that could be realistic..
    4. If you’ve had the flu recently, how long did it take you to get over the damn cough?
    Not recently; don’t remember the last time I had it :S

  3. 1. 7am on thursday, to be ready to leave by 8am.. to get to my 9am lecture.

    2. I wanted to go to Kings College in London, it was my first choice and I needed 3 Bs at A level to get in.. I got 2 As and a C and they rejected me 🙁

    3. Realistic (well the one I’m going for) – neuropsychologist
    Unrealistic – Traffic police officer – its not really unrealistic its just not what i’m going to do.. but I would LOVE it. I’d pull everyone over and tell them off for driving incorrectly lol.

    4. I had a flu-like infection before christmas and it was the cough that stuck with me for a few weeks after. One day you wake up and its gone though 🙂

  4. ahh what a cool lab. i have taken 2 biologys and 2 anatomys and we never did anything like that. i got lucky the last time i took anatomy i got out of disection!! 🙂

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