Hello everyone! I’m alive! I seem to keep on feeling the need to write that, I’m not sure why.

I’ve had three out of four midterms so far, just had one of those three today. The other four are after my midterm break, so I get an entire work to do a lab report, work on a  term paper, do a few assignments, catch up on writing notes and study for a few midterms that are happening after my break. So I have a few things planned to do, mostly school related. But it’s Valentine’s Day on Monday! In case you all forgotten what February 14th is. While I think that there should be more than just one day out of a year for celebrating love, but I do like chocolate and thus so it’s an acceptable ‘holiday’ to take part in.

Plus I like myself in red. And that’s all that really matters, right? Looking good in things that are colour-appropriate and lots of chocolate?

Oh, I also did my second field lab for the term. I went hiking into a forest/park again. I also tripped off of a rotting log and landed (with my face, by the way) into a holly bush (holly hell is more like it, to be perfectly honest). It was a relatively quick lab (did not take the full three hours that the lab is scheduled for!) but it was still a lot of work. We measured trees again. It was good fun. Especially the falling into holly part. And the rotting logs. Very fun, I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like torturing themselves or going for miniature adventures.

But I do promise to blog over the next week that I have off. My exam schedule came out, it’s pretty spread out, which I like. But I also have two exams at 8:30am, which I’m not terribly fond of.

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