There’s an epic battle

That’s right. There’s this epic battle brewing – between myself and Family Studies. Sure, I’d been neglecting it a little bit, but then my prof generally assigns one assignment per week (we don’t have to hand them in, it’s just that the material in the assignments will be on the exams so it’s always a […]


For all the new lovelies who have decided to join in on the NaNoWriMo fun, my username is littlevampiregirl (click here to view my profile and to add me as a writing buddy). Approximately 74 hours until Saturday November 1st 2008! Yay! Who’s all excited like me for this? Yes? Well, I will be once […]

Cupcake’d – Deux

I’m online – but please don’t smack me? Word seems to hate me today and won’t let me open the file that I have saved for my assignment? Wtf? Luckily I don’t need to hand it in, but not being able to work on it (I have it about half-finished, yay) because I have my […]