I was productive (for a Monday, at least)

Or rather, I was a productive as one can ever possibly be for a Monday. Today I: woke up, rushed out the door, went on the bus, went on the train, went onto another train, braved the rain to get to English, sat through class, went to the building where my psych lecture is, got […]

The necessary entry

Mmm, I’m taking a short break before I start on my chapter 10 questions (after this, it’s only chapter 11 left!). Which shouldn’t be too bad when I printed out the questions, it only takes up three pages. I’ve been scouring the interwebs for a decent pasta sauce recipe, I’m hoping to find something good […]

I want my cell phone back now, kthx.

@ Georgina: My phone -steals back- I sent him an email. And he read it (he woke up early today, I was pleased) and then he texted me to be like “So, what’s that email in my inbox about?”. And proceeded to allude to the fact that he had read the email but he refused […]