Wedding (!!!), work and a new fanlisting

If you haven’t yet, and you still can, go watch Grey’s Anatomy. It’s the 100th episode and the wedding that you don’t want to miss. And in other news… It’s Thursday! Which meant Grey’s night. No more Private Practice as the season finale was last week (the season finale for Grey’s is next week, it’s […]


You know that feeling right after a final exam when you walk out of the room and just put your back against the wall and slide down until you hit the ground and you yank on the zipper on your bag so you can pull out your notes and you read things over in this […]

Grey’s and Twilight Fusion

I just about cried today while watching Grey’s Anatomy. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (yes, Denny) was guest-starring and it was just such a heartfelt moment where Izzie’s trying to help a patient and she just keeps seeing him everywhere. I loved JDM when he was first on the show and then each time he comes back […]