You know that feeling right after a final exam when you walk out of the room and just put your back against the wall and slide down until you hit the ground and you yank on the zipper on your bag so you can pull out your notes and you read things over in this frantic way that you almost rip the pages out of your notebook and then you read and read and read and then you realize that what you wrote down on the exam that can mean the difference between a whole letter grade was correct? Yeah, it’s a great feeling.

And I am fully aware that the above was a crazy run-on sentence.

I was sitting on the ground outside of the room with my English lit exam and waited until J came hobbling out on his crutches because I knew he was going to need help going back up the stairs outside. He comes out and looks down at me and just has this funny expression and goes “Michelle, why on earth are you sitting on the ground when there’s chairs around?”.

Yeah, he’s very grateful for my help carrying his super heavy backpack up and down stairs… He just doesn’t show it very well, see. And he called me a freaking pixie because I just looked “so tiny” sitting on the ground like that, so he “almost didn’t see” me.

But I identified every single poem on my English exam correctly. Full titles, full author names. There was only one passage that I couldn’t identify, but we only had to do five of the six and I could name the other five so…

So it’s an okay day today. And I hope everyone had a good or fairly decent day. It’s Thursday! New episode of Grey’s Anatomy! And could Dr. Hunt get any hotter…? -fans self- Same with Sloan. I love the attendings on Grey’s…

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