If you haven’t yet, and you still can, go watch Grey’s Anatomy. It’s the 100th episode and the wedding that you don’t want to miss.

And in other news… It’s Thursday! Which meant Grey’s night. No more Private Practice as the season finale was last week (the season finale for Grey’s is next week, it’s going to be two hours, I can’t wait!). And Thursday means that tomorrow is Friday and that means then it’s the weekend, yay! This week has seemed incredibly short, but oh well. Weekend! Which means… my dentist appointment (that my parents made for me and didn’t inform me of until two hours ago), volunteering, Mother’s Day and hopefully seeing the Boyfriend (right, Clay?).

I got dating advice at work from the most unlikely of pairs. A and D (not the nice one, but the one who has been nice thus far). They were giving me dating advice and the weird thing is that it wasn’t bad advice (however, it was all very common sense!). But still, weird. So I didn’t do much prior to lunch. Then I got sent to the other building because the guy I normally work with over there (let’s call him “C”) actually sent my boss an email saying that he wasn’t going to do something (… write a freaking document) because “there are many technical terms that I do not understand”. And he put it in writing of all things. In electronic form. To be forwarded or printed as my boss may wish to do. Oh boy. But yeah, so I got sent over to take notes (no photos – my boss didn’t tell me that he wanted photos until after I got back!) and I spent some time with someone new-to-me, J. He was really helpful and explained everything as best he could. So hopefully that’ll work out well tomorrow when I continue working on it. I also got ‘packages’ done for tomorrow’s meeting…  161 pages in total for all 7 copies (23 pages/package). We don’t like trees very much at work, as you can see. I may have pilfered some copies from other people as well. To prevent me from printing on even more paper.

But besides work… And getting teased by M over at the new building… And getting Skittles today (from you-know-who!)… Nothing much happened. It’s been a pretty okay week. Decent deadlines for work and whatnot so I don’t have too much to do as I can’t do much until after the meeting on Friday (which is at 1pm and expected to “only take an hour”… I doubt that very much). So I’ll probably get started on the bulk of the work on Monday. Which will hopefully be lasting me for quite a while. Cheers to data entry.

And last, but not least, I have a new fanlisting up! It’s for the song “Miss California” by Jack’s Mannequin and the fanlisting is called Misplacing My Affections.

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  1. Woot! Fanlisting! Never heard the song though 😛

    I love skittles. I haven’t had them in a while though. I might actually buy some before I go home. Tehee!

    I never really watch Grey’s Anatomy but I love watching weddings, hehe. :3

  2. I’ve seen the ad’s for that show but its always on when I’m out 🙁
    Gotta love skittles 🙂

    Glad work is going okay for you, that sucks about the amount of paper they use in a day.

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