Mishaps, cheerful antics and everything else

I’ve been sending time away from the computer lately (I was online for ~10 minutes yesterday!). I counted it all up, and I spent nearly four and a half hours in public transit yesterday! 3 hours for to and from school, then more time on various buses and trains. I completely abused my transit pass, […]

It’s been a slow Saturday…

@ Kelsey & Kristi – I’m feeling the love. But I’m currently online and neither of you are…? Bet you’re all having an awesome fun filled day. =) So… Saturday… I didn’t do much beyond waking up at noon (just in time for lunch, awesome). I went shopping with the parents but split up while […]

Time flies when you’re having fun

I was blissfully untethered from my laptop/the internet yesterday. I went out with my family for lunch, we also did a little shopping at a fabrics store that was closing. I got two row counters for knitting (one for ‘regular’ sized needles, one for ‘bulky’ sized needles), really really nice scissors (very pointy – I […]