I was blissfully untethered from my laptop/the internet yesterday. I went out with my family for lunch, we also did a little shopping at a fabrics store that was closing. I got two row counters for knitting (one for ‘regular’ sized needles, one for ‘bulky’ sized needles), really really nice scissors (very pointy – I think I have a new weapon of choice now!), wired ivory ribbon (packaging for jewellery – it’s going to be awesome!) and dress patterns! I couldn’t find any fabric that I liked for it though. My sister bought a bunch of this really nice shiny, translucent fabric. She’s planning on making dragons. Once I got home, I got ready to go out (again). My sister dropped me off near the library where I went and returned (an absurd amount of) books and borrowed a few (only three! I had returned seven). I borrowed one crochet book and two books on this really nice jewellery designs – I do like inspiration!

Clay picked me up at the library. We went to the movie theatre to assess what was playing, decided to go eat dinner first (it was around 5-ish at this point). Actually, first we went shopping, then for dinner. We went to a restaurant that we’d gone to before – he ordered the exact same thing, we ordered the same drinks (iced tea), but I tried a different pasta dish (mmmm, seafood linguine!). Which was nice. Then we went back to the movie theatre (… yeah, we drive around a lot) and saw Adventureland. It has Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg and Ryan Reynolds. I’d heard about it, so I picked it. It was okay, but it just went so slooooooooooooooow. I found it amusing that some of the lines that Kristen Stewart has in Adventureland are identical to some lines that she has in Twilight and she sounds pretty much the exact same when she’s saying them.

Sometime after that, while we were just sitting around and talking, he mentioned that one of his friends was getting married, to his girlfriend. And I said that I kinda figured that, unless there was someone else that his friend was dating, and then Clay mentions that no, his friend only has that single girlfriend. Then I ask how many that he has and he goes ‘three or four’. I questioned him on that one, so he starts counting them out loud. There’s Michelle (yay for making the list?), ‘M’ (that’s how I sign notes and emails, for the most part), Little Miss Sunshine and Chelle-Chelle – which makes four. It’s probably a good thing that he could come up with four that were my name/nick names, or else I would have smacked him. We listened to music and he subjected me to his music tastes between my choices. I picked a song by The Goo Goo Dolls and he commented on how he has four on his mp3 player and he just happens to pick one of the three that he doesn’t like. Actually, now that I think of it, it might be the same four that I have on my mp3 player – only I don’t listen to Iris all that much. But it was fun, we spent a lot of time talking, which was nice since it’d been a long time since we’d seen each other.

So yesterday was fun. This morning, I headed out with the family for shopping. I bought some new pants and a new office-work-appropriate blouse (although, I suppose if I stay at Building A instead of moving to Building B, I can get away with jeans and a tee for the most part). Spent some time with the family and now I’ve secluded myself and tethered myself again to the laptop.

How has your weekend been so far?

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  1. When I was reading the girlfriends thing and he said four, I about shit a brick. I woud’ve been up there slapping him, too!
    Sounds like you had fun and that’s great 🙂

    My weekend? Hmm.. Friday night didn’t go quite so well. Started out alright, not great, but then it went terribley for a bit and then ended around 6am.

    Last night was more fun. We had over three guy friends (well, theyre his friends and I’m decently good friends with 2/3) and played WoW cards (which I dominated, btw..killed the last two standing at once XD), then we got in the hot tub and played (incorrectly) Seven Deadly Sins and I had a shot to loosen me up (because I was sucking at doing the things), then it winded down around 3am and everyone else left while Final and I went to bed. So.. it was alright. Today I slept..and slept..and slept.

  2. That sounded so fun~ Makes me want to start dating =P

    Mmm… My dad and I went around eating at places featured in this magazine. It was really good too~ Especially the Ice cream. I’m planning to visit a cake cafe when Mur comes back, it’ll be good~

  3. Ngaww, four girlfriends. 😛 He must be feeling all the luurve.

    I like Iris! Even though I haven’t listened to it in a while. Sounds like you guys had a nice time out! I can’t believe you recognised Kristen Stewart saying the same lines. Hahha. I haven’t watched Twilight, but heh, heh. ^O^

    Ah, I’m tethered to the laptop now. I like that word, thanks! 😛

  4. Everyone seems to have had a nice weekend this past weekend. Mine was great! My friends and family threw me a bridal shower and it was amazing! I am glad you had a good weekend. It does sound like fun. That is hilarious about the movie lines. I haven’t seen either movie but now I sort of want to just to see if I can find the lines that sound the same.

  5. That weekend seemed really nice. Nick names are sweet. I don’t have any personally though because I like my name too much. (: hehe. x

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