@ Kelsey & Kristi – I’m feeling the love. But I’m currently online and neither of you are…? Bet you’re all having an awesome fun filled day. =)

So… Saturday… I didn’t do much beyond waking up at noon (just in time for lunch, awesome). I went shopping with the parents but split up while they were going to an electronics store to refund something and I went to clothing stores to see what there was. Tried on a few things, saw something that I really liked, but then I checked the price tag and realized that it was roughly twice the amount of one of my textbooks (that was bought new), so I put it back. I did buy two balls of yarn (only because I needed the colours and I didn’t already have any – of course, after I got home, I decided on a completely different idea so I’m going to return them).

Let’s see, what else did I do today? Went to the library. Borrowed a few books (smutty romances!) and some comics as well. I watched some Grey’s on dvd (season 2, for anyone who’s curious). Umm… Ate an apple, which was really good. Had prawns for dinner (yum!!) and now I’m working on the new super-awesome-super-secret crochet project (one that doesn’t involve math! I’m still planning that one). So yeah, kind of boring all around. But that’s okay! I have volunteering tomorrow (whoot!) and then Clay’s picking me up afterwards. No clue what we’re doing… (Have I ever mentioned how much it annoys me that we never have actual plans? I’m getting accustomed to the spontaneity… sort of.) Have any suggestions? Let me know (I’ll check before volunteering tomorrow).

What did you get up to today?

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  1. I didn’t do much today. I had some birthday cake, went out to lunch, and took my cat to the vet. Hmm, I did more than I thought.

    You were pretty busy too!

  2. Haven’t been up to much yet. Sitting here sipping my morning chocolate milk and doing blog rounds barely awake. Yay. 😀

    Gief some of your energy, plz.

  3. Ooooh more craftyness. Can’t wait.

    Have fun…I can’t think of any suggestions because I’m tired.. My brain is currently malfunctioning

  4. Yesterday I was actually really busy.. surprise surprise.

    What are prawns?

    I hope you and Clay are having a good time today 🙂 I’m still very anxious about these secret projects..

  5. Haha, I know. You can still associate them with food somehow. XD I mean, you know how people can be when they don’t want to eat because they’re stressed (well, for anorexia anyho).

    I don’t think they have pets 😛

    I get turned off by expensive clothes – if I saw one double my textbook that would be about two hundred dollars. O.o next shop!

    Yay for romance books! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE prawns. ^_^

    What about chilling out in a park? If you guys like that, haha. It’s what James and I like to do. :3 I hope you think of something anyway! And have fun! 🙂

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