There are a lot of things to do before right now and when I actually start the program. It’s still kind of a rush, I’m still coming to terms with the whole idea that I actually got in. You guys, I’m going to be a Student Nurse. But things I’m doing this month (May) include:

Other things I’m doing this month include graduating, walking across a stage and getting my degree! I’m quite excited about that. I haven’t been back on campus since I went to pick up my graduation ceremony tickets for my family. There’s still loads of things to do – a respirator mask fit test, recertification of CPR, a criminal background check (later) and a WHMIS test (July, I think). But I have orientation next week (!) and I’ll be getting more information about everything then (including places to get assorted certifications). I’m really excited, I’ll be getting to meet my future instructors and future classmates.

It’s really exciting. My sisters are excited, my dad’s excited. Apparently I’m finally doing something right in his eyes! Granted, he did spend the last month of my undergraduate degree telling me that I shouldn’t have gone to university in the first place if I’m not using the degree for anything[1. My degree is one of the reasons why I got into the nursing program, just FYI.]. Oddly enough, it’s my mom who’s been the negative one about this whole acceptance thing. She’d rather I go out into the Real World and get a Real Job and become a self-sustaining human being. I get it, she’s tired of having grown adult children living at home and going to school[2. My sister went back to school in January and she’ll be there for another 1.5 years or so]. But at the same time… I’ve wanted to be a nurse for forever. Everyone knows this. She knew this. So while I “get” why she’s being negative, I don’t get it, all at the same time. A BSc (at least in what I got mine in) was useful about five years ago. Which is why I started it. But now? Most science-related job postings require a background in straight chemistry and I don’t have a BSc in Chemistry. In the grand scheme of things, another 3 years in school is not a lot at all. I’ll be 25 (closer to 26 though), have two finished Bachelors and finally have a foot into the door of a career that I want. And really, isn’t that what we all want?

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  1. Congrats on getting in. Well deserved :D!

    It’s okay I’m thinking of doing two more programs that would add on about 4 years of education ^^;

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