School rants and raves (but mostly raves!)

First class – biology (invertebrates) Professor is really energetic, very young (but not as cute as my friends had made him sound like he was – they gushed about his stunningly good looks). Course seems very straight forward, in terms of marking and labs. He was very enthusiastic with the introductory material, so I figure […]

Dear so-and-so, you suck

Dear my (first term) psychology professor, I know, you had stage fright issues. It was obvious from the first time when you stuttered and said ‘the’ maybe five times in a row. It was even more obvious when you continued with this pattern throughout the rest of the term. And I do know that the […]

Hello, 2010!

Whee, new theme for welcoming in 2010! The photo was taken by my mom when she was on vacation. I’ve also rearranged things and removed some things from my sidebar *points to the side*. I changed the number of Flickr images that show up and just changed up the way things show up over there. […]