Whee, new theme for welcoming in 2010! The photo was taken by my mom when she was on vacation. I’ve also rearranged things and removed some things from my sidebar *points to the side*. I changed the number of Flickr images that show up and just changed up the way things show up over there. Also, some pages have been organized (for example, all my past layouts are now on a page by themselves) as well as some being removed so things are getting cleaned up around here, which is nice. Umm… Let’s see, what else have I gotten done lately? (Also known as me dumping all my new website stuff in one go!)

Ames got a new layout (grey, slightly monochrome), Chelle-Chelle.com got a little change with the header and I’ve written a few articles lately and also been working on Heartbreakee.net (not open, yet!). Oh, I also went pro on Flickr – go add me as a contact!

Oh, I’m also talking to my friend J on msn and she goes:

J: If I go over in the summer*
J: you wanna learn pole dancing?
M: Seriously?
M: Sure

* She’s currently out of the country for school – a school where she has classes on Saturdays.

Ahh… Anyways… I went to a friend’s boyfriend’s New Years party last night. J (the friend, not the same one mentioned above!) and N (her boyfriend) were hosting it. And I only stayed for a little while, because N has douchebags for friends as one of them dropped a pill into my drink (a screwdriver, for all those who care, which was quite good before it had a bright blue pill floating at the top). I dumped the drink of that guy’s head, by the way, before I left. So I walked to one of the train stations downtown, and got home super early (way before midnight) and worked on some online stuff when I got home, as well as taking a nice hot shower and watching a chick flick while eating potato chips.

School starts on Monday – wtf. I only got 13 days off from school =/ One of my friends has been off school 10 days before me, so she got 23 days… Oh, the unfairness! Anyways, today is all about purging out my wardrobe (boy, that’ll be fun) as well as cleaning up some things and hopefully being productive (and cursing my psychology prof for not issuing our final grades yet!)

Hope everyone’s been having a wonderful first day of the new decade!

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  1. Hey… Happy New Year’s!!!!

    I love the banner of your blog… =) And if the first J is who I think it is… -___-” haha…

  2. Glad you had a great new years after what happened. I’m still in shock after you told me what happened over msn. The nerve of that guy..

    Loving the new layout..

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