Back to the daily grind

Today was my first day back after a lovely week off. I had been incredibly productive (according to me, hah). During the week I had off, I had done: 6 chapters worth of notes for statistics 3 chapters worth of study questions for oceanography 1 statistics assignment 1 oceanography assignment 1 oceanography quiz 1 ecology […]

Mishaps, cheerful antics and everything else

I’ve been sending time away from the computer lately (I was online for ~10 minutes yesterday!). I counted it all up, and I spent nearly four and a half hours in public transit yesterday! 3 hours for to and from school, then more time on various buses and trains. I completely abused my transit pass, […]

Cute, but odd

Just a few things to mention that occurred today: Handed in my application for the nursing program at one of the schools that I’m applying to for August/September 2010 I’ve been on 8 buses today. I got 8/10 on my cell biology term paper (the one on primary cilium and their importance) – whoot? Today […]