Just a few things to mention that occurred today:

It was reported in the newspaper today that the majority of people in Canada with HIV or AIDS are in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. I’m not surprised. Why? Because of the majority of the country’s population are in those three provinces. That’s like saying the majority of fish live in oceans in comparison to seas and rivers and lakes.

Today’s been pretty relaxing. I managed to stay up during my biology lecture today, studied, made cookies.

And I had this awesome (MSN) conversation with my friend J:

J: You just reminded me how much i miss you
J: We don’t have anyone weird here…
J: It’s so sad
J: =(
M: … Are you calling me weird?
J: Well, we are
M: … LOL
J: But yes
J: I think people that roleplay dolls are counted as odd
J: Cute, but odd

At least my friend thought that it’s a cute habit?

I am currently on the lookout for a decently advertised (Canadian) price on a 2gb micro SD card. That’s not $20, because I feel like being cheap. If anyone notices one that’s at a decent price, feel free to drop me the link!

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  1. It’s the 2nd today, but yesterday when I went to the city I passed someone selling ribbons. I was in a rush so I came back later but he was gone. 🙁

    It’s good to know you are missed as well! Perhaps too, your “weirdness”? 😛

    I have a 2GB SD card, and I’m sure it was cheap, but I can’t quite remember how much. I hope you find a bargain!

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