Today was my first day back after a lovely week off. I had been incredibly productive (according to me, hah). During the week I had off, I had done:

This morning, I woke up at 5:30am and had left my house at 6:10am. My bus was on time. Halfway between the stop and the terminal stop, the engine refused to work and slowed to a crawl. The driver decided to make the bus crawl to the nearest major road where there would be other buses. So we got there eventually and everyone on the bus piled out. We waited for the next bus. It was the same bus that goes on the same route as the bus that had died, but goes by my stop 30 minutes later. I was not impressed because that meant I could have easily slept in for another half hour, or dashed back into the house to get mittens.

I did get to school in one piece though, with all fingers frostbitten-less. I got to class 5 minutes late, but my professor was showing a video about a school of fish being eaten by tuna. I love suspense music that the BBC adds to their nature videos. Blue Planet & Planet Earth are to complete loves to me. So for the class that I was 5 minutes late for, the professor decides to end class 20 minutes early (which means that I was only there for a grand total of 25 minutes!) and then had an hour and a half to putt around doing not a whole heck of a lot (I ended up studying before class). Then there was class, then I had time to kill (again) before my doctor’s appointment. I had this great conversation with him about how sexual active I am, how I should get tested for X, Y and Z and consider getting vaccinations done. Swell. I also apparently have high blood pressure. It’s not my fault that I understand what the numbers that show up on the machine are and therefore get nervous when I see them creeping up (he took my blood pressure 5 different times on the machine, it was on a timer).

Tomorrow I’m going shopping before school! Because my first class is (blissfully, thank you Professor H!) canceled so we can have “more time to work on our term papers”. Pfft. I got mine done over my break, I’m fine! Which means that I don’t need to be on campus until the afternoon (12:30pm) and that means that I can go downtown to one of my favourite little hole-in-the-wall stores. My shopping goal is some inspirational yarn (it’s sad when my stash bores me, or maybe I should open up a few more bins, hah) along with some more buttons, ribbons and embroidery thread (embroidery thread, the non-shiny stuff, is usually dirt cheap at other places, but it’s even cheaper there!). Photos of shopping stash will follow tomorrow!

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  1. Wow you got a lot done in a week! Great job!

    Doctor’s appointments can be so awkward sometimes. Do you think maybe you were nervous or felt like there were awkward conversations and maybe that could have spiked your blood pressure? That has happened to me before.

    Have fun shopping!

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