Hi, I’d like a time travel device please?

I had a pretty good day today. It was sunny, so I wore a new skirt (I bought it last year but never wore it until today given the fact that right after I bought it, there was crappy weather). It’s quite nice. It’s light, almost lime-ish green with a black print. It’s really nice, […]

It’s not easy being bruised

Hah, I just nearly fell over and fell flat on my face. Thankfully, I managed to avoid this by falling into someone instead. Let’s just say it’s a nearly daily occurrence, or has been a nearly daily occurrence for me lately. Granted, I’m usually not that accident prone (I swear). It’s just lately I’ve discovered […]

Career choices

Here are some career choices that I would randomly consider if this whole “university” thing doesn’t pan out. And yes, this is meant to be funny ha-ha, not funny ‘wtf is this girl on and where is the nearest straitjacket?’. Professional Blogger – Just need my laptop and some people willing to pay. New York […]